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How to Find Your Waist to Hip Ratio YouTube.
There are several easy ways to assess your health risk at home using minimal equipment. Body Mass Index BMI is a long-standing and widely known assessment, yet studies have indicated that both waist circumference and waist to hip ratio are better for assessing cardiovascular disease risk.
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Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator.
The Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator indicates your probable health risks. People with more weight around the waist, face more health risks than people who carry more weight around their hips. Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator Metric Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator.
Waist-to-Hip Ratio: Chart, Ways to Calculate, and More.
Waist-to-hip ratio WHR is one of several measurements your doctor can use to see if youre overweight, and if that excess weight is putting your health at risk. Unlike your body mass index BMI, which calculates the ratio of your weight to your height, WHR measures the ratio of your waist circumference to your hip circumference.
Health: What a man can't' resist: the perfect waist-hip ratio: Forget about breasts, says Jerome Burne. It's' the last two figures of 36-24-36 that truly turn on the male naked ape The Independent.
But according to a new theory, the secret of sex appeal lies in the waist or, to be precise, the waist hip ratio calculated by dividing the waist measurement by the hip size. The smaller the waist in relation to the hip, the more desirable a woman is seen to be.
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Waisthip ratio Wikipedia.
Waisthip ratio measurement. Waisthip ratio or waist-to-hip ratio WHR is the dimensionless ratio of the circumference of the waist to that of the hips. This is calculated as waist measurement divided by hip measurement W H. For example, a person with a 30 76 cm waist and 38 97 cm hips has a waisthip ratio of about 0.78.
The Waist to Hip Ratio for Measurements Limitations LIVESTRONG.COM.
Learning how to properly measure your waist and hip will ensure any categorization you base on this ratio meets ACSM standards. Waist-to-hip ratio is useful for the normal population; in some cases, however, this measurement has limitations. Video of the Day.

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